Sacramento, Linda's Mexican food lunch menu line up serves torta cubanas.


 Offering you a range to fit your budget and taste preference. Linda's Mexican food prepares their torta cubanas with breaded steak; premium sliced ham; scrambled egg bed; mozzarella cheese; bed of lettuce; raw onions; sliced tomatoes; avocado slices; packed in a 6-inch grilled telera (sour dough roll).

Complete your meal with one of our house made drinks:


[testimonial name="Kev" org="From Sacramento, CA" avatar_position="bottom" quote="yes"]The employees are always happy regardless of the weather or the line of people waiting. Great Mexican food, time after time![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Alex" org="From Sacramento, CA" avatar_position="bottom" quote="yes"]The breakfast burrito is excellent. Beans give is a creamier feel than most burritos in my orbit. I recommend the carne asada not because the bacon is weak but that the steak is just thumbs up. It's also cheap, cheaper than far inferior options. The building space feels a bit mismatched. Don't be fooled, great Mexican food.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="David" org="From Sacramento, CA" avatar_position="bottom" quote="yes"]Going her for lunch tomorrow. I love the self-serve chips and salsa. The salsa is good. Coke zero and a carne asada burrito with all you can eat chips and salsa--can't beat that. I get the super burrito, wet, and my drink for about $10. [/testimonial]