Tacos- Downtown Sacramento Linda's Mexican Food
Tacos- Downtown Sacramento Linda's Mexican Food

Downtown Sacramento, Linda's Mexican food lunch menu line up serves:


Offering you a range to fit your budget and taste preference. Linda's Mexican food prepares their tacos with your choice of meat; onions; cilantro; mild or hot sauce; on top of two 3-inch in diameter corn tortillas.

Complete your meal with one of our house made drinks:


Christopher From Downtown Sacramento, CA

Damn good Mexican food and very authentic!! Dare I say best tacos in Sacramento!!


Cyndie From Downtown Sacramento, CA

OMG !!! Excellente' ordered 5 carne asada tacos split it with my Husbabe soooooo good .Thank goodness for awesome authentic Mexican food
The bomb!!!


Greg From Downtown Sacramento, CA

This place is unbelievable! Very authentic Mexican food that tastes great and is really inexpensive. The little tacos are $1 each. I say "little" because they are small, but still really good.


 Umair From Downtown Sacramento, CA

Won't know about this spot unless you drive through Richards blvd often. I'm a sucker for Mexican food and I had to stop by. First time I came I had to get the tacos, which were amazing.


 Jennifer From Downtown Sacramento, CA

Surprisingly good Mexican food! We ordered tacos, which were very yummy. I recommend!


Luis From Downtown Sacramento, CA

First time here; always pass by it. Ordered 2 Asada tacos; taste of the Mexican food was good.