Linda's Ingredients: Top quality assured Mexican food for everyday nutrient needs.

Quality ingredients is no longer simply a trend in restaurants - it's a necessity. Providing the best to meet the demand of consumers increasingly seeking and expecting quality ingredients for our Mexican food. Elevate your mood and satisfaction with Sacramento's delicious Mexican food.

Our Ingredients are exclusively sourced from quality beef, pork, & poultry farmers raised in the pristine grasslands of Modesto, CA. This environment produces richly flavorful, naturally marbled, exceptionally tender meat.

  • Hand selected, cut, & prepared
  • Naturally seasoned & cooked
  • Cooked with practices from past generations
  • Made fresh daily

Carne Asada - Skirt Steak

Al Pastor - Marinated Pork

Carnitas - Pulled Pork

Lengua - Beef Tongue

Chorizo - Mexican Sausage

Suadero - Beef Thigh

Cabeza - Beef Cheek

Tripa - Beef Tripe

Buche - Pork Tripe

Pollo - Chicken

Arroz - Spanish Rice

Frijoles de la Olla - Pot Beans

Frijoles Refritos - Refried Beans


Brian From Downtown Sacramento, CA

I drive by this Mexican food place twice a day, but I hadn't had an occasion to stop and eat until today. I'm glad I did. Ordered a chorizo breakfast burrito. Will return.


Shay From Downtown Sacramento, CA

The Mexican food is 4 Stars the Price makes it 5 Stars. I went on my lunch break. I work in downtown Sacramento and was able to go in pick up my food and get back to work in 45minutes. The line was long, and the place was crowded but my food still came in a timely manner. The place was clean, and the staff was nice. I ordered Al pastor Sopes and a Carnitas Tamale. Sopes are hard to find and they were excellent. A dish so easily messed up was done correctly. Go buy and check out this place. I look forward to trying other items on the menu.


Ryan From Downtown Sacramento, CA

Now for a few words about the Mexican food itself. I went with the Lengua/cabeza burrito. The lengua was definitely the star of the show: it had a good, distinct flavor and was generously portioned. It wasn't the largest burrito I've ever received, BUT it was filled to the brim and was only $6. I was not left hungry afterward.