Are you in need of a Mexican food catering service for your upcoming event?

Tired of all the minimum or fixed catering packages that are ridiculously overpriced?

Whether it is a family gathering, reunion, holiday, business meeting, wedding, quinceañera, birthday, or graduation, big or small Linda's Taqueria is your Mexican Food Caterer service.

Linda's Mexican Food Catering allows you to have complete control of portion size and quantity on any of our menu items, such as:

Tacos Catering

Hard Shell Tacos Catering

Burrito Catering

Enchilada Catering

Nachos Catering

Chile Relleno Catering

Flautas Catering

Torta Catering

Tamales Catering

Sope Catering

Quesadilla Catering

Menudo Catering

Burrito Bowl Catering

Skirt Steak Catering

Bistec Ranchero Catering

Asada Fries Catering

Asada Cheeseburger Catering

And choose from a vast and delicious assortment of meats and sides:

Spanish Rice Catering

Mexican Beans Catering

Carne Asada Catering

Al Pastor Catering

Lengua Catering

Carnitas Catering

Chorizo Catering

Tripa Catering

Buche Catering

Suadero Catering

Pollo Catering

Agua de Horchata Catering

Agua de Jamaica Catering

Agua de Piña Catering

We also can provide assorted drinks and beverages at a discounted price:

Bottled- Jarritos, Coca Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew
2 Liter Sodas (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, & Jarritos Products)
Can Sodas (Coca-Cola & Pepsi Products)

Contact us at 916-447-1707 or send us an email to and have a response the same business day!

Please provide us with an:

Phone number
Date of event
General idea of proposition

Also please feel free to stop by and sample our variety of meats and sides prior to your selection.

Ask about our FREE Nachos and Chips Salsa!*

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