Linda's Taqueria- Downtown Sacramento's Mexican Food

Linda's Story

In the early 1990's two immigrants from Mexico City, MX came to Sacramento, CA in search of the "American dream."


With only a suitcase and the shirt off their back, they wandered looking for work and with great luck began their dream working in a Mexican restaurant.


One in the kitchen and the other a waitress.


They worked long hours just to make ends meet, but during that time they were exposed to the nature of the beast of running a Mexican restaurant.


Learning and experimenting with Mexican cuisine their job later turned into a hobby which they loved.


Then in 2008, they decided to open their little Mexican restaurant to pursue their passion. So we welcome you to come on in to taste and enjoy authentic, delicious Mexican food made with real fresh ingredients to experience what 20 years of countless tamale stuffing, tortilla flipping, and burrito wrapping helped us achieve.